ELECT EJason G . HOLIFIELD for                             County Commission                       


WHO IS JASON HOLIFIELD? I am a motivated, business-minded family man who cares about the people of Dixie County.   I'm married to Stephanie Leon Holifield  and we have 3 children Evan(5) ,Grant (4) and Anna (2).

 WHAT DO I DO?  I own and operate Holifield Bail Bonds and am president of a Florida Corporation, Farm Land Properties, Inc. This business helps absentee land owners manage large tracts of land in  North Central Florida. I have partnerships in growing crops on my property. I also own land and properties and work very hard to provide for my family. I am debt free. 



 I WON'T: 

Be anyone's yes man.

Be intimidated by other board members or be influenced to support their agenda.



 WHY DO I WANT THE JOB OF COUNTY COMMISSIONER? I care about the people of Dixie County. I want our county to be all it can be for us and our children. I want to be a part of the answer for our county's future I have thought about entering county politics for a very long time and believe that I can help now. 

 WHAT CAN  I DO DIFFERENTLY?                                   

 #1) I would have more "town hall meetings". I will advertise these meetings in advance and citizens will have a chance to speak their minds.

#2) I will stay humble and work hard to stay tuned-in to the people's needs. I will take time to listen and hear people's concerns. We need to make decisions based on what the people want. The only way to know how the public feels is to stay in touch with the people.                  #3) I will be conservative in spending the County's money and managing the County budget. I will not allow our tax dollars to be squandered.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Respectively submitted,

Jason G. Holifield

Political Advertisement  Approved By Jason G. Holifield For County Commissioner-District-4                                        

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